Are you getting the most out of your customers, market and sales team?

New customers, the ideal sales approach and a well oiled sales team. This is the dream of many entrepreneurs. And this dream can become reality.

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Improve your sales, increase your revenue!

Prospectory brings you the ideal sales process. Customised to your needs. From plan development to lead generation all the way to closing the deal. Including everything involved with that. We manage your team and guide your people to the top. This way, you get the most out of your team, the market, and your customers. Want to get to know us?

Anyone can sell. Watch our video now: Conquer the world in just 3 steps.

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Satisfied clients preceded you

“Surprisingly complete.” “So much more than just learning a few tricks.” “Excellent on-the-job guidance.” Our clients are satisfied. We are happy to help you as well.

Ask your question, we will support you. Whether this is about your own role or about your team. About markets or target groups. You can count on our sales expertise and years of experience.

Sales is not for you?

Yes it is; allow us to convince you.

Prospectory makes sales achievable, for everyone. Even if you think that you have no sales talent.

Prospectory would like to show you how ‘you too’ can sell. Yes, really! Not just sales people but also professionals such as IT specialists, lawyers, accountants, and tax specialists. Make an appointment. Do it!

Sales, from A to Z

Our full service concepts

Prospectory takes you to the ideal sales approach. From planning to implementation and closing the deal. In clear steps. We jokingly call this “All-in-1”.

Do you work with sales partners? Do you want to get more out of your sales partners? Then Partner Development Program is the full service concept for you.


Sales has its intricacies. How do you conduct a conversation at a board level? How can you sell without ‘selling’? How do you sell your product as a service?

Choose the training you need. We offer a broad range. We train you and your team based on your daily practice. This allows you to get immediate results.

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Sign up for one of our sales trainings and receive 1 hour of free coaching in telephone acquisition!

You can count on valuable tips, smoother conversations, and a better call result.

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Prospectory gets involved with many organisations, from large to small. Why our clients are so satisfied, you can read here

“Prospectory acteert snel, is flexibel en geeft een heldere terugkoppeling. Wij zijn gesterkt in de keuze om veranderingen aan te brengen.”

Sales Manager, HP

“Prospectory ziet feilloos waar jij als organisatie staat, sluit daarop aan en helpt je om de volgende stap te nemen."

Vincent van Harte, Directeur Van Harte & Lingsma

“Prospectory maakt complexe commerciële materie helder en inzichtelijk. Mijn complimenten.”

Deelnemer Prospectory Sales seminar, Directeur Vertaalbureau