Adapt or go backrupt

Blog aanpassen of failliet gaan

Blog aanpassen of failliet gaan

It is inevitable. The world is becoming more Digital. And we are just at the beginning of it.

We are all aware of the sudden and at the same time dominant presence of brands such as Netflix, Airbnb, Waze, Catawiki, Yelp, BlaBlaCar….

These are digital companies. Simply meaning that their business model can grow exponentially without correspondent growth in staff or investments. And it happens in an extremely short period of time. It’s called Deceptive growth (Moore’s Law).

Due to this exponential growth they Disrupt the market.

Traditional Companies did not foresee this ‘competition’ coming and obviously did not react in time.

The consequences are devastating. Worldwide brands disappear overnight.

This is the downside of digital developments, but it is inevitable.

The service or product which is offered on one device will dematerialize. In other words it will become an app (e.g. music), available on all thinkable devices. Stimulating even more growth.

The upside of digital growth is the decrease in cost. Digital services and products become cheaper and cheaper, it demonetizes.

Now we reach the final stage.

Abundance availability at low cost for everybody. Democratization!

Now what?

98% of all existing companies are linear organizations.

The development of digitalization is evitable, everything will become digital or contain some digital. Even cornflakes!

It is not a question IF, but HOW a business can digitalize and HOW this can be transformed in a business model.

It is adapt or go bankrupt!

Inspired by “Exponential Organizations” (Salim Ismail/ Yuri van Geest) and ”The Inevitable” (Kevin Kelly)

Don Kouwenhoven