B2B Telemarketing is dead

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Blog telemarketing

The title is a regularly heard and read statement. Is telemarketing truly over? The traditional manner in which telemarketing is (was) conducted has been dead for far longer.

Cold calling, randomly shooting at a blindly purchased database with a standard sales pitch has been over for quite some time now. It is not something anybody wants or has time for. Good telemarketing is an art form.

But how do you truly know whether your target audience really wants you, your product or service? Or whether you’re establishing the right contacts at the opportune time? That requires a wholly different approach.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you know who your target audience is and why?
  • Do you know who wants your service now?
  • Does the value proposition connect with the defined target audience(s)?
  • Can you indicate the urgency per segment, combined with the right value proposition?
  • Do you know where your target audience is located and how they themselves investigate?
  • Are you aware of the trends and developments that are ongoing in the segment?
  • Where is the prospect located?
  • And so on…

Our existing B2B customers do not supply services that are purchased massively, so this isn’t going to happen through the telephone either. They are successful however, and growing in the markets in which they want to grow.

So: how do you create an online dialogue to arrive at a relevant, real-life conversation?

In our opinion, B2B telemarketing is alive and kicking, and an important part of the process towards achieving this. It is a link in a completely thought-out sales and marketing process, to arrive at that essential real-life conversation, with that prospect who is truly interested in your proposition. And to get there requires a human touch.

Foundationally, it requires more knowledge and preparation (i.e. time), through which you can join the market directly, warm up your prospects online, utilise directed campaigns, and build long-term relationships. Are you aware that EU privacy regulations will change in 2018? This will also impact the way we are allowed to approach prospects in the future. Exciting? Yes. Less successful? No!

How this works concretely? We will gladly explain this in a relevant, real-life conversation.

Neeltje Haaima