Sun Tzu was one of the world’s most important, visionary warlords.

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Blog Sun TzukopieMany of his statements are still actual and relevant in our contemporary world. There are many companies that embark on expansive away days to determine their strategy, without considering the tactical steps that will need to be taken. Actions are necessary to shape the strategy as efficiently as possible. I also regularly observe the opposite. A host of tactical activities are developed, which themselves are fantastic. Activities such as developing a newsletter or participating at a trade fair. But, when I pose the question whether all these activities contribute to the overall strategy, nobody can answer my question. Neither situation will lead to the objective that you ultimately want to achieve.

This is precisely the reason Prospectory exists. We challenge organisations to develop a strategy as well as appropriate tactical activities. Activities that are aligned to the strategy and are aimed at generating maximum revenue from the market and the budgets in use.

Preconceived ideas of how to quickly conquer the market are often based on many tactical activities. By inventorying and reflecting on the core values of the organisation, we often see that the strategy and all these fun activities are disjointed from one another. How valuable it is in such cases that Prospectory gives you the option of accelerating your company faster than others. By creating a complete overview of your entire organisation in terms of strategy and associated activities, you can capitalise on your competitive edge much faster. Following this, we can conclude that “strategic acceleration” is not just a pretty phrase, but also leads to bigger and faster victories in the form of higher revenues

Hans de Jong