Get the most out of your sales thanks to our all-in-1: “an optimal program for a shiny result”.

The ideal sales process with permanent results

You want to get the most out of your market, your target audience, and your team. We introduce the “all-in-1”. We polish the entire sales process phase by phase. Until everything is shiny, inside and out. We leave you with an ideal sales process.

One of our allround sales professionals temporarily helps you out. For as long as needed. To breathe new life into the sales. To introduce discipline and motivate your sales team. To take your team to the top. You can count on permanently improved sales results.

Phase 1. Analysis & Strategy

We also call the all-in-1 ASAP, and not just because it is important to take action as soon as possible. ASAP also stands for the process: Analysis Strategy Action Progress. That process begins with a thorough analysis and a smart strategic plan.

1. Thorough analysis

Together with you, we take a good look at the strategy. We analyse the market, trends, your propositions, your customers, and your target groups. We delve into the go-to-market plans, your forecasts, and your pipeline. We are critical and reflective. There is often so much more to get from it. We find what distinguishes you from your competition. We emphasise that added value in your sales proposition. We go to work with that.

2. Clear sales plan

We ensure a crystal-clear sales plan. A sales plan that outlines your ideal customers and explains exactly how we will approach them, with what story, when, and who will do it. The opportunities for existing customers? You can find those in a comprehensive up-sell/cross-sell matrix. Our sales plan is full of concrete actions and achievable goals for your team.

Phase 2. Lead Generation

A smart approach to the market is the next step. We approach leads. This is something we go to work on with your sales team. This means Action: the second A of ASAP.

1. Approaching customers

We help your team to find your ideal customers. Who are they? What do they need? What are their buying triggers? We analyze market, data and stakeholders and we point out all market opportunities, prioritized for you to approach. Then we will teach your team to make your prospects an offer they can’t refuse.

2. Continuous data enrichment

You can count on more than quality leads and qualified agreements. We work on an optimal customer database that is always up-to-date. Of course, with current contact details, but with other useful information as well. Data enrichment within your CRM is very valuable. This means your marketing campaigns are always effective.

3. “Box marketing”

We teach your team to bring prospects from cold to warm to hot. To always plan a fitting follow-up action. To build a relationship with the customer. We call that “box marketing”. Once you are in the (card) box, you never get out. The question is not whether the lead will become your customer, but when.

Phase 3. Deal Generation, or: closing the deal

Closing the deal may be the most difficult step. We teach your sales team how to actually “close”. Two things are essential for this: discipline and skill.

1. Pipeline management

In result sessions with your team, we take care of an effective pipeline management. What is in the pipeline? Can we enhance that? What is the next step? How do we come to a deal? We manage, confront, and motivate. We ensure that your sales team scores.

2. Sales coaching and training

When skills are missing, we help out. For instance, with one-on-one coaching or – if the entire team could use additional pointers – with one of our sales trainings. How do you conduct conversations at a board level? How do you convince a resistant relation? How do you close the deal? We get the most out of your people.

Phase 4. Assuring progress

The process is in motion. You know where your opportunities lie, the strategy has been formulated, actions have been implemented. How do you proceed? Now, after six months, or after a year? We help you assure results and make them structural. You can count on us.