The Partner Development Program,
if you work with sales partners

Do you work with sales partners? Do you want to get more out of your sales partners? Then our Partner Development Program is the full service concept for you.

Get the most out of your sales partners

Our Partner Development Program revitalises the sales of your sales partners. You can count on active, able sales partners and a significant increase in sales via your sales partners, distributors, resellers, or consultants.

Phase 1. A concrete action plan

We start with an analysis of the market, trends, target groups, and your ideal customers.
We then quality your sales partners. What products have they sold? Who are the top sellers? Who is left behind?
Then, we formulate opportunities. What space does the market offer? Where is your target audience? What products can we (still) sell through the sales partners?

We set up a sales plan that outlines your chances. The plan explains who we are going to approach, why, when, with what story, and who will do it. We record all actions in the sales action plan.

Phase 2. Sustainable relationship with sales partners

We then seek contact with your sales partners. We start a conversation. We allow them to talk. What sells easily? Why do certain products not sell well? What do they need? How can we help the sales partners increase their sales? We look for solutions together.

This way, we build a sustainable relationship with your sales partners. We strictly adhere to agreements. And we record all data in a convenient CRM, which reminds us of the next action to be taken in a timely manner.

Phase 3. More revenue from sales partners

We help the sales partners achieve more revenue. Sales, up-sell, cross-sell? We guide them where necessary.

We teach them missing skills via one-on-one coaching or training. We expand their knowledge via seminars or otherwise. We stimulate sales through sales themes and with marketing actions. We provide optimal support. You can count on active, able sales partners. And on significantly more revenue from your sales partners.

Phase 4. Permanent results

Your sales partners emerge as active resellers, distributors, and advisors. They are skilled interlocutors for their clients. Selling products transforms into selling solutions. Cross-selling and up-selling are now equivalent to good advice to customers. All opportunities are exploited.
You have insight into the pipeline and the needs of your sales partners. You have more control over your sales partners.

Why choose the Partner Development Program from Prospectory?

✓ Revenue growth from existing partners

✓ Gain new partners

✓ Continuous development of your partners

✓ Guidance toward and with closing the deal

✓ Increasing the pipeline of your partners

✓ Your partners scale up

✓ More loyalty from your partners

✓ Relevant dialogue with your partners

You get the most out of your sales partners, customers, and prospects!