Below are frequently asked questions from our customers. Maybe your question is in there too! If not, do not hesitate to call us or send us an email.

Prospectory is a sales results agency. Provides sales results. Better yet: the Prospectory team designs and delivers a sales process that is permanently fitting and feasible for your organisation.

The process is a tried and tested approach, but always tailored to your needs. It consists of three components:

  1.  A plan which answers your questions: With what customers can I grow easily? What is the proposition I give these customers? And what is my approach for approaching these customers?
  2. Performing lead generation which answers your question: how do I start and maintain an ongoing, relevant dialogue with my customers and prospects?
  3. Performing deal generation which answers your question: how do I ensure, with my sales and technical team, that all opportunities with my customers and prospects are effectively turned into actions and results?
  • An analysis of where you can grow in terms of revenue with new customers relevant to you. An analysis of how you can easily grow in terms of revenue with your existing customers. A substantiated ranking, so that you first approach customers that can realise your growth the fastest.
  • Your services with technical specifications translated into propositions with customer advantages that appeal to your customers. And your entire organisation can pitch your offer.
  • An action plan your sales and technical staff can use to take focused and feasible sales action. And which your marketing staff can use to set up targeted and relevant marketing activities. Every action, offline or online, is tailored to previously analysed customers, with the right priority and the most relevant proposition.
  • Your customers or partners are continually approached by us with relevant research questions. Depending on how warm your relationship and your proposition are, the plan of approach is determined. This may be via phone, via networking events, via social media, or a combination of these. Your relationships will never go cold again, and will never ‘fall asleep’ again. We say ‘once we start a dialogue, we never stop’.
  • You receive appointments, feedback from your customers, continuous sales data enrichment, and an increasingly clear picture of who to approach with what proposition and at what time.
  • You always receive an up-to-date customer database, clear customer profiles, clear buying behaviour of your customers, and always relevant marketing activities (rather than taking blind shots).

Your options:

  • Your customers or partners are selected for face-to-face approach at the right time, together with us, and approached by the most suitable colleague (sales or technical) from your team. With the most effective sales action. To this end, we guide your team in recurring result sessions in which we challenge your colleagues to get the most out of your customers for the most effective sales action. Concrete leads are dealt with.
  • We test your colleagues for their sales talent, skills, and commitment. We use the largest global database of psychological profiles for this. This way, the right colleague is used for the most suitable sales action. Sales now become feasible for more colleagues, because they are asked to do something they can and want to.
  • We guide your colleagues in individual sales coaching, so that requests for help ‘on the way’ are answered during sales actions if necessary. This ensures follow-up of sales actions discussed in result sessions. In addition, the more complex sales actions are now unpacked and followed up in detail (deep dive).
  • Your colleagues participate in workshops, but only with themes that are specifically relevant to them. No endless sessions of sitting and listening, but dealing with themes they need based on the customer analyses and personality analyses.

No. Prospectory is a ‘doing agency’. We help you optimally design your sales process and do what is necessary to achieve your results. We either execute or help you execute. But this requires proper preparation. Our advice & guidance is that preparation. No endless consultancy and abstract analyses, but a short advisory process in which we challenge you in all areas that affect your results and sales. The outcome is a plan that relevantly affects your customers and is feasible and achievable for your team.

No. Prospectory never just works down a list of phone calls. We always start by preparing you. See ‘Advice & guidance’. Then we know exactly who your ideal target groups are, what proposition to approach them with, in what order, and via which medium: online or offline (which can include calling). We design your sales process for each target group/proposition combination. With the most relevant sales action for the maximum conversion opportunities. Your marketing is set up in a targeted way and feedback is continuously analysed. Your customer data will be enhanced, so that you become more effective every day.

No. Prospectory doesn’t offer ‘loose’ training. We always start by preparing you. See ‘Advice & guidance’. Then we know exactly who your ideal target groups are, what proposition to approach them with, and in what order. We design your sales process for each target group/proposition combination. Your team is involved from the start of this advice, and therefore, committed to your renewed sales process. Your team then receives 3 activities to ensure that you get the most out of your customers and team. 1) Not a heap of standard workshops, but a selection of custom workshops, to provide the necessary skills. 2) Result sessions that focus on your customers. The objective: always achievable targets, a healthy pipeline, and feasible sales actions. 3) Coaching On The Lead, where your team members are central. The objective: to make your people always sales-effective, properly follow up specific leads, and ensure acquired skills in their actions.

Prospectory deploys a team of analysts to find answers to 2 main questions from you. Your main question might be: where can I easily and quickly grow with my existing customers? Or your main question could be: where can I logically grow with new customers? With both questions, we analyse your current customer data. Your order book, customer profiles, lead lists, CRM.
We also analyse public resources to give an image of where and how you can grow with existing or new customers. And you receive substantiation of what priority (ranking) you should maintain when approaching said customers.

Prospectory deploys sales consultants. To reformulate your overall message as a company. From the perspective of your customer, so that it immediately appeals to them. And your entire team will be able to transfer it. The message is translated into your products. Product pitches are rewritten based on customer themes. Concrete in sales handles, core questions that are important to your customers, and a convincing pitch. So that your entire team can transfer it again. And your marketing team can utilise the propositions in marketing activities.

Prospectory ensures that your customer priorities and propositions are linked and translated into the most suitable sales action and marketing strategy. SO that you can take the right sales and marketing actions in a focused and relevant way. Suppose you have 3 customer/proposition combinations in which you can grow. For combination 1, your sales people can call them directly. Combination 2 is a bit colder, and we recommend a mix of online marketing and inquiring calls. Combination 3 is very cold, so here, we recommend data enrichment and refining the online customer profile.

He is the owner of the sales project Prospectory is carrying out with you. He has the right mix of sales, marketing and project experience and will steer you towards a successful outcome. He will make sure you and your team take effective action, and will bring in Prospectory (analysts, callers, marketeers, trainers) where necessary in order to achieve your growth.

Prospectory provides customised workshops; not with trainers, but with experienced entrepreneurs. Customised because we explore your daily practice and share from our daily sales practice, and because we do not provide ‘separate skills’, but only themes that are relevant to you. Relevant because the workshop is in line with your action plan and must be feasible for your team to implement.

Prospectory provides result sessions; not with trainers, but with experienced entrepreneurs. Result sessions are not training, but a session in which we deal with the current details of your ongoing sales activities. We challenge your team to work together to get the most out of customers and prospects. Of course, we check their progress, but more importantly: we look ahead and determine the right sales action together. Always the best chance of conversion. Always a pipeline for achieving goals.

Prospectory provides coaching on the lead; not with trainers, but with experienced entrepreneurs. These are 1-on-1 sessions in which material from workshops or actions from result sessions are individually assured. Your team members are individually guided based on their specific needs or additional sales questions. We get the most out of your team and ensure that no sales action or teammate is ‘lost’. The result: a team that always exudes confidence and pleasure in sales.

You will be dealing with only the members of the Prospectory team who are relevant to you, depending on which elements of the sales process you outsource to us. The two owners, Kurt en Frits, always have final responsibility for the successful completion and delivery of your sales project. Are you outsourcing a whole project to us? If so, you will get a project owner. See Sales Management for profile details. Are you outsourcing part of a project? If so, you will be dealing directly with the person responsible for executing the sales work in question – the analyst for analysis, the marketing expert for proposition, our lead generation specialist for lead generation.

The ‘car wash’ represents the use of all our services. As a client, you go through a total programme with Prospectory. For further explanation, please refer to the various programme components. See ‘Advice & Consultancy’. See Lead Generation. See Deal Generation.

The ‘partner development programme’ represents the use of all our services. As a client, you go through a total programme with Prospectory. Specifically for you if you have many partners as sales channels. For a detailed explanation of how we develop your partners, please refer to the various programme components. See ‘Advice & Consultancy’. See Lead Generation. See Deal Generation.

All training courses at Prospectory are tailor-made. Focused on motivating you and your team to take commercial action and actually implement the commercial action into your practical situation. The ‘commercial’ training courses focus on your colleagues who may carry out commercial actions. The programme is subdivided into basic skills and advanced/special skills. The ‘management’ training courses focus on your colleagues who drive commercial actions, in order to ensure that they get the most out of their team commercially.