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Alexander Hilberts

Manager Training & Coaching

‘Sales are the result of sincere dialogue between parties. That dialogue requires intrinsic interest in the customer and the desire to centre discussions primarily on the customer’s needs’, says Alexander. He helps you to discover the most effective approach to the dialogue and to use it to your best advantage. He is a commercial all-rounder, specialising in coaching and training. He likes to challenge you for reasons of putting you on the way to commercial success. Alexander analyses your business, the market, your customers and your goals and translates all that into a customised interactive training and/or coaching programme enabling your people to successfully build and expand your business themselves. With more than twenty years of sales and marketing experience in the field of business services, Alexander can lend a hand in securing that success.


“Look for the ‘yes’ behind someone’s ‘no’!”

 Frits Willem BakkerFrits Willem Bakker


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 Kurt Hessels (1963)Kurt Hessels


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 Alexander Hilberts


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 Coen Kijk in de Vegt


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 Hans de Jong


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 Image00002Martijn de Haas


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 Niels Vrijhoeven


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 Peter EbbelingPeter Ebbeling


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 Bart HuijbregtsBart Huijbregts


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