Intelligent choices

We collect and analyse information about the market: about customers and prospects, competitors and trends. That is business intelligence.

Insight into opportunities

Business intelligence tells you where to find opportunities and needs. It provides the building blocks for your sales action plan. You gain an understanding of what marketing and sales activities will appeal to your target audience.

Smart analyses

  • Market analysis: what does the market do, what does your competitor do, what are the developments and trends?
  • Target audience analysis: what is your ideal target audience, what are their needs, what opportunities are there for you?
  • Data analysis: what – currently hidden – information does your order system, your lead lists, and your CRM contain? Where are there still opportunities, what are the success factors?
  • Proposition analysis: what is your story and your ideal proposition, how do we optimally emphasise your added value?
  • Sales analysis: which products do your customers buy the most, which products do they buy the least, which products contribute most to your profit, what opportunities are there for up-sell, cross-sell?