Sales follow up: the power of repetition

Regular contact with your prospects is important. To stimulate sales. To seize cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. To build a relationship.

Brand awareness

Repetition in sales is important. This keeps the acquisition engine going. Your prospect sees your name over and over again. That is worth a lot. Your prospect gets to know you and starts to trust you.

Data enrichment

It also allows you to update your contact database. With information that matters. ‘What does your customer want? What is going on?’ That is what we call data enrichment. An up-to-date database is very valuable, as it makes marketing actions achieve their goal.

Relationship management

We teach your team to build relationships and never lose sight of them. We ensure that your prospects go from cold to lukewarm to hot. With the right tone-of-voice. We call this ‘Box marketing’. Once you are in the (card) box, you never get out. The question is not whether the lead will become your customer, but when.