Training Argumentation

Good argumentation is an art. It is important to connect to the needs of your customer. To listen, trigger, and persuade. We teach you the rules of the game.

What do you learn in the training Argumentation?

In the training ‘Argumentation’, you learn how to communicate efficiently and effectively by seamlessly connecting to the needs of your customer. You learn what sentences and words trigger your customer. The topics include:

✓ how to respond to the needs of your customer or prospect

✓ structure of the argumentation phase

✓ argumentation in the style of your customer

✓ what does and does not work when recommending products and services

✓ inciting buying signals with the customer

✓ what is a strong argument?

✓ how do you prepare for strong counterarguments and how do you parry them?

What do you get from the training Argumentation?

You can argue convincingly; your style and choice of words connect to your customer.