C-level discussions

It worked; you have managed to get an appointment with a CIO, CEO or CFO. You will get exactly twenty minutes to make your point. How can you gain maximum leverage from this?

What do you learn in the training C-level discussions?

In ‘C-level discussions’ training, you will learn how to construct discussion strategies at a high level. You learn how to do analyses that are useful to the customer, to interpret figures and to make the necessary preparations. Topics include:

✓ making C-level appointments

✓ preparing for discussion

✓ analysis of annual reports

✓ working with or around P.A.s/gatekeepers

✓ the ultimate C-level discussion

✓ approach and maintaining contact

What do you get from the training C-level discussions?

You know how to fully utilise C-level discussion opportunities and how to close these positively.