Training Customer Personality Style

Everyone has a personality style. It helps to be able to recognise those. This allows you to understand your interlocutor’s behaviour and respond accordingly.

What do you learn in the training Customer Personality Style?

The training Customer Personality Style is based on DISC, a tool that reduces character traits to four personality styles. You will learn the following:

✓ You gain an understanding of your own personality style.

✓ You learn to recognise the personality style of your interlocutor. This allows you to make effective contact. You know how to respond to your interlocutor’s personality style. Whether they are a dominant buyer who take charge in the conversation or a very social operational manager who doesn’t make decisions.

✓ You learn to see through personality styles and manage the associated expectations.

✓ You learn to see the intent behind the other’s behaviour. You can then let go of your own annoyances surrounding that behaviour.

What do you get from the training Customer Personality Style?

You can see through your own personality style and that of your interlocutor. You know how they want to be treated and can act accordingly. This allows you to get the most out of the conversation. It is the most effective strategy in communication and sales.