Two equivalent salespersons can score differently in the same market with the same environmental factors. The difference? Influencing.

What do you learn in the training Influencing?

In the training ‘Influencing’, you learn how to influence your customer. You learn to do this in a way that connects with your customer. The topics include:

✓ explanation of the six principles of influencing

✓ how do you recognise the influencing factors?

✓ how do these influencing factors fit the different personality styles?

✓ how do you apply the techniques within sales?

✓ practicing with influencing factors in daily communication

✓ marketing and influencing

What do you get from the training Influencing?

The result? You know and recognise the six principles of influence of Cialdini; these principles have been scientifically proven. You know how to effectively approach your prospects and customers with this. You get more out of your conversations, resulting in more revenue from your prospects and your existing customers.


We encourage you to follow the training ‘Customer personality styles’ prior to this training.