Needs Analysis

A good sales conversation provides immediate results. You get to know your customers. Better yet: you can control your customer.

What do you learn in the training Needs Analysis?

The training ‘Needs Analysis’ lays the foundation for a strong sales conversation. Active listening and asking questions are the most important elements of the sales conversation. You learn to understand your customers and your customer will feel seen and heard. This gives you a significant advantage over your competitor. The topics include:

✓ why asking questions is so important

✓ asking instead of sending

✓ preparing for the conversation

✓ active listening and ways to do it

✓ the questions that need to be asked

✓ how do you recognise a buying need or buying signals and how do you deal with them?

✓ what questions do you ask what official?

✓ how do you avoid a purely operational conversation by asking questions?

✓ structure of asking questions

✓ dealing with objections

✓ applying objection techniques

What do you get from the training Needs Analysis?

You enter a sales conversation with enthusiasm. You penetrate the structure. You know how to build and maintain a relationship with your customer.