Oh look, there is another one; an invitation to a network meeting. Are you going to attend? Do you sense a hurdle? Can you see its advantages?

What do you learn in the training Networking?

In ‘Networking’ training, you will learn how to make the most out of networking, both online and offline. The dos and don’ts of networking will be clarified and you will learn how to create a networking plan. Topics include:

✓ what do you mean by networks?

✓ The main purpose of networking

✓ preparation for networks

✓ your opening and / or your elevator pitch

✓ the ideal structure for a network call

✓ take and keep the lead in a conversation

✓ finish in a decent way and determine potential next steps

✓ setting up an optimal network plan

✓ maintaining your network

What do you get from the training Networking?

You will feel more comfortable in networking. You access potential business relations more easily and you can create an appointment with potential customers more effectively and quickly.