Training Reverse selling

With both arms folded your conversation partner keeps up the wall. “We have already tried something like this and it didn’t work.” Or: “We are already doing this.”

What do you learn in the training Reverse selling?

In ‘Reverse selling’ training you will learn to direct the sales call in such a way that your customers end up selling your product or service to themselves. Your customer becomes convinced he/she wants your product or service, because you question, confirm their interest and challenge him/her. You will also learn how to avoid postponement of decision making.
Topics included are:

✓ who are the decision makers and influencers

✓managing influencers

✓working with decision makers

✓preventing decision delays

What do you get from the training Reverse selling?

You can deal with resistance and you prevent postponement of the buying decision. Your customer is excited about your offer and enters into negotiations with you.