Solution selling

Your customer wants to be ‘unburdened’. It is more about selling solutions than actual products. What does that mean for your sales conversation?

What do you learn in the training Solution Selling?

The training Solution selling teaches you how to structure a solution selling conversation and what skills you need for it. The topics include:

✓ the difference between a ‘regular’ sales conversation and solution selling

✓ what customers solution selling is effective on

✓ how you prepare for such a conversation

✓ what you must know in advance (processes, DMU, and more)

✓ how to ensure you are in control; how to respond to the ambitions and the strategic needs of your customer instead of to the technology

✓ how to close the solution selling conversation successfully

What do you get from the training Solution selling?

You talk about solutions instead of technology and content. The customer sees you as an expert, not as a person who wants to sell something. You create trust with your customer.