People Management

One employee is not the same as another. Jan yells, Pete squeals, Marijke whispers behind your back and Janneke digs her heels in.

What do you learn in the training People Management?

The ‘People management’ modules will teach you everything about Situational Leadership and motivation. This will teach you how to manage emotionally charged interactions and to manage conflicts. You will learn to set goals for your employees and to implement these. You will learn how to handle your employees in non-directive ways and to stimulate their self-development ability. The ‘People Management’ Course consists of the following modules:

✓ situational leadership

✓ assessment interviews and objectives

✓ appraisal interviews

✓ providing feedback and non- directive leadership

✓ performance management interviews, disciplinary interviews, exit interviews, salary ✓ discussions, emotional discussions

✓ motivating

What do you get from the training People Management?

Your employees will know what is expected of them. You will be able to teach them how to make independent decisions in setbacks. Their objectives will be clear and their rewards are based on set agreements. You will know how to deal with emotional conversations and know how you can best motivate your employees.