Sales Leadership

You want to get the most out of your prospects and your team. Proactive management and learning as a leader.

What do you learn in the training Sales Leadership?

The training ‘Sales leadership’ teaches you to take the right action at the right moment, toward customers and prospects and toward your team. The training provides you with the skills you need. The topics include:

✓ Getting the most out of prospects: whether they are cold, lukewarm, warm, or hot. Big or small. Standard or complex.

✓ Getting everything out of your team: from experienced sales colleagues, starting salespersons, from technicians with a feeling for sales, and those without a feeling for sales.

✓ Proactive action instead of reactive action.

✓ True leadership and transfer to your team.

✓ Continuity: how do you perpetuate the sales process.

✓ Stimulating, challenging, and confronting.

✓ Pipeline: how do you manage the pipeline.

What do you get from the training Sales Leadership?

You take the right actions at the right time. You get the most out of your team and your (potential) customers.