CASE – Bank ten Cate

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“Prospectory makes the difference!”

Reinier Westeneng – Director

“A structured approach, combined with enthusiasm and passion have guided us towards success.”



Bank ten Cate & Cie is a full-blooded private bank. Abundant personal interaction and first-class service are central to their Private Bankers and Investment Consultants. The bank’s primary goal is to help its clients to realise their financial targets. Maintaining the customer base is the main priority, but at the same time the bank hopes to continue to develop, also by welcoming new clients. This requires planned (net)working by the commercial staff, acquisitional operations, and the right mix of proactivity and acquisitional skills, to obtain clients continuously, while maintaining client satisfaction at a high level.

In order to further develop the knowledge and skills of its commercial staff, Bank ten Cate hired Prospectory. “Prospectory instantly felt what our needs were as a customer”, says Reinier Westeneng, director of Bank ten Cate.

Prospectory developed a customised program. The program, a combination of theory and practice, consisted, amongst other things, of a run-through of the proposition trajectory, followed by a bi-weekly evaluation with the participants, embedded in practice. In addition, various workshops were deployed to develop awareness and other faculties.

“An important prerequisite for the creation of a successful collaboration also lies in frequent evaluation between client and trainer. It allows you to recalibrate, and respond to specific needs”, says Reinier Westeneng. “The enthusiasm and passion of the trainer(s) is contagious in this process. And this contributes to its success!”

Bank ten Cate managed to give substance to its practical need to collaborate with Prospectory!