CASE – Cumulus

Wil Sampers

“Based on Prospectory’s holistic perspective, we have been able to configure an innovative sales process”

Wil Sampers – CEO


Wil Sampers

Cumulus has stood for innovation and action in air humidification since 1991. Speed and flexibility are key terms. The company’s objective is to optimise the climate for its customers. Cumulus makes no concessions on the safety of its systems and gives its customers optimum support by providing information and taking the appropriate measures.

Cumulus was looking for opportunities to take its sales team to a higher level. “In the market, you see a lot of companies which can deliver a partial solution to a problem. With its holistic approach, Prospectory came into play at the right time”, says Wil Sampers, CEO of Cumulus.

“Together with Prospectory, we drew up a plan of action, starting with researching the market (analysis), what our proposition was going to be and how we would configure the sales process. From there, we looked at the roles of the people who would be involved and how we could work towards a more robust, reliable sales process.

From the analysis, the bottlenecks emerged and we were able to set out a vision for the longer term, with a stronger focus on market segments in which we had identified active demand. These were interesting challenges in the niche market of climate engineering, where there is often only latent demand, but which does have an impact on the production process and a company’s productivity,” says Wil Sampers.

“Once the vision was clear, we made a start on fine-tuning the lead generation process, providing training to help people learn new skills and cope with the modified processes and organisation. The game is played differently”.

Wil Sampers has been particularly impressed by Prospectory’s open-minded attitude and the customisation it offers thanks to various tools. “We have been very successful at getting the sales team on board while incorporating all the factors within the overall process.

We have learned to look at the sales process with an open mind, based an integrated way of thinking, which for a technical Business to Business company is innovative. Based on Prospectory’s holistic perspective, we have been able to configure an innovative sales process. We have sharpened up our game, as can clearly be seen in our sales results”.