CASE – Hewlett Packard


Our sales team is now committed.”

Midmarket Enterprise Group – Sales Manager

“Prospectory acts quickly, is flexible, and provides clear feedback. We have been empowered in the choice to make changes.”


client_logo_HP_BigHewlett Packard deploys Prospectory for sales assessment

“What is the commercial potential of our team of account managers? What is needed to further develop their skills and achieve more discipline?” These are the questions HP Midmarket Enterprise Team asked Prospectory professionals.



Prospectory developed a sales assessment programme for HP that has four components:

  1. Kick-off session, for familiarisation and introduction
  2. Online sales assessment, Sales Indicator, to measure sales skills such as self-confidence, tenacity, and commercial drive.
  3. Individual talks, including a commercial pitch.
  4. Presentations, of personal annual plans in a Dragons’ Den setup. A panel of sales professionals assesses the presentations.

Via straightforward feedback, Prospectory summed up the commercial potential of the HP team and its individual members. Prospectory then provided clear and concrete advice on how HP can take the sales potential to a higher level. Examples include customized one-to-one coaching, practice-oriented in-depth workshops, and a clear structure for sales discipline. The programme proved to be much more than an assessment. Thanks to this programme, the team took personal responsibility. The sales team committed itself to the objectives.