CASE – NetSourcing

Yvo Hoeke (3)

From reactive to proactive mode by deploying Prospectory.”

Yvo Hoeke – Director

“The entrepreneurial spirit with a critical eye on commercial success that shows respect to customers, as well as their determination, are what appeal to me at Prospectory!”


Yvo Hoeke (3)NetSourcing is a professional ICT-partner that focuses on the sectors of Healthcare, Wellbeing, and Safety regions.
By eliminating all risks pertaining to the implementation and professional management of ICT infrastructure, clients are completely taken care of.
NetSourcing helps to realise optimal ICT solutions so changing market requirements can be anticipated.

First, NetSourcing initiated a change in the Healthcare marketplace, moving from a reactive to a proactive approach. Then the need arose for a clear plan on how to transform policy into action, and ultimately into new turnover. “Prospectory does it like no one else can”, says Yvo Hoeke, director of NetSourcing.

“Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and commercial sensitivity of the executives of Prospectory, a complete Sales & Marketing Plan was organised”. This plan further identified the market segments, as well as the value propositions for the several partial markets. These value propositions opened the way for the implementation of various marketing actions.

By reasoning from the entrepreneur’s perspective, with a critical eye on commercial success that shows respect for customers, Prospectory put NetSourcing on the right track to, entirely and successfully, switch from reactive to proactive mode.