CASE – PlasBossinade Advocaten Notarissen

Frouke van Laar PlasBossinade 200x200

 “Prospectory gives us the incentive we need!”

Frouke van Laar – Marketing & Communications Consultant


Frouke van Laar PlasBossinade 200x200Generating business through a well-oiled process, discipline, and skills – that is what PlasBossinade needed. Professionalisation of the acquisition power to ensure sustainable growth for the long term. “Especially the embedding in the organisation, and making it normal to see generating business as the daily work”, says Frouke van Laar, Marketing & Communications Consultant at PlasBossinade.

Through hands-on interventions and guidance, Prospectory ensures a process in which participants now do what is needed to generate business themselves. What is striking here is how Prospectory is part of the organisation. “Prospectory is close to our business, understands PlasBossinade as a client, and gives us the incentive we need!”

The project has since yielded concrete sales. Employees now dare to apply cross-selling and are more proactive in generating business with new customers. The first group currently still has 1-1 coaching, and the second group has also started.

“Prospectory takes employees by the hand, shows us that sales are closer to us than we think, and gives us the incentive we need! Moreover, they are willing to think with us 24/7!”