CASE – UP learning

Martin van den Broek UP

“Prospectory taught us to realise our full potential – and that of our clients”

Martin van den Broek – Managing Director 


Martin van den Broek UPUP learning specialises in e-learning and the optimisation of digital working environments, with the mission of ‘helping talented individuals realise their full potential’ by creating the ultimate mix of learning, knowledge exchange and modern technology. UP learning offers distinct value by applying the most innovative learning assignments, including Immersive learning with VR technology.

In Prospectory, UP learning found a partner who could help them to further professionalise their acquisition power in order to safeguard sustainable growth in the long term.

Prospectory was deployed to improve commercial processes – with the objective of increasing turnover – by facilitating the fullest potential of the sales and consultancy teams. Skills and an emphasis on individual disciplines have been optimised for the purposes of getting more out of existing clients and attracting new clients as well. Through hands-on interventions and management, it’s possible to guarantee a process in which the participant themselves does what is necessary to generate business. This process additionally ensures that sales management staff are able to do their work more efficiently and with a greater focus on results.

“Through the extensive communication and coaching skills of our contact at Prospectory, each individual’s areas for development were revealed in no time at all. After that, the teams received further training and guidance through a combination of classical training and individual coaching,” according to Managing Director Martin van den Broek. Clients find the combination of commercial insight and knowledge of human nature to be highly enjoyable.

Within UP learning, and in a fairly short time, a notable turnabout in mindset among all those who deal with clients has occurred. People are much more alert to commercial opportunities and better able to generate new business on their own. The result of this has been a marked acceleration in the growth of revenue. “Without Prospectory’s assistance, we could never have achieved this so quickly,” says Martin van den Broek.